Thursday, March 15, 2012

Padma Goes to Amiown

Writer Swetha Prakash on taking Padma to meet pre-schoolers in Amiown school. 

This was the first time Padma went to meet a group of pre-schoolers and she was rather excited. She was also a little worried, would the preschoolers understand her? Where they not pre-speech for most part? But then Padma remembered how she learnt to read. She would pick the most difficult and complicated book she could find and start reading.

There is something fascinating about reading books whose words she couldn't completely understand. She was after all a curious girl and she was sure the preschoolers were too.

So she told her story to the preschoolers and Ambika Maam from Amiown translated the same in simple Hindi along with a lot of gestures and sounds. Padma drew herself on the whiteboard and asked all the children to draw anything they like from the book. Most children preferred drawing Padma as they could relate to her and her naughtiness. Padma thanks Sapna and Smriti for the refreshing evening.

Swetha Prakash

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  1. Dear Tulika,
    I love your books (and so does my 2-year old). I have written a kiddy book that my daughter keeps giggling over and wanted to know if I could meet you this week? I am in Chennai and could come over. My name's Raj Dutta and my email ID is


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