Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Announcing the results of blogathons 1 & 2

Blogathon 2

Praveena Sridhar and Prince Narad will receive copies of 'Water Stories from Around the World' for review.

Blogathon 1

Utbtkids, Sowmya, Anushankarn, Prerna, Hema, Sandhya, Chotus World, Rupa, Lavanya, Telugumom, Smitha, Itching to write, Artnavy, Subhashree, Arundhati, Mamma Mia, Madrasi in Missouri, Monica, Rupa & Gouriguha will receive review copies of selected Tulika titles.

That's right. Everyone who wrote a blog post for blogathon 1 gets a review copy of a Tulika book. Because they spoke up first. Because they shared their time and opinion with us so freely;) Because they participated. And all that jazz.

Did I miss anyone in this list? If I have, speak up as fast as you can or forever hold your peace.

Narad, yes, we know you participated in the first blogathon too. But you're getting a book already. Don't be greedy.

So. All you lucky people who are going to review Tulika's books on your blogs, please write in with your mailing addresses and reading languages of choice. Let's get reviewing as soon as we possibly can.