Saturday, March 20, 2010

Annoucing Blogathon 2!

Readers, I am awe-struck. Such an amazing response to Blogathon 1! Sixteen posts + three comments and counting. Thanks to your love, we are closing Blogathon 1 earlier than planned. The Blogathon 1 theme is open till Monday, March 22. After that, I'll put up a couple of posts rounding up all the responses we've got. Participants selected to review copies of Tulika's books will be announced on Monday, March 29.

Meanwhile, here's announcing Blogathon 2!

Blogathon 2 is a special mini-blogathon to mark the launch of Tulika's 'Water Stories from Around the World'.

Watch the presentation here. Respond to it.

That's it. No questions to restrain your imagination. So get creative.

Maybe you can discuss the questions asked (Who owns water? How can we share water?) with children and post the conversation. Maybe you can tell us how you introduce issues of environment and conserving natural resources to young people. Maybe you can tell us stories from your childhood that taught you the value of green living. Maybe you can download the slideshow and create something new.

The possibilities are endless...and they're all yours.

Go to it then.

Selected participants will get copies of 'Water Stories from Around the World' for review. Blogathon 2 closes Monday, March 29. Names of selected participants will be announced soon after.

P.S. The same rules as Blogathon 1 apply. Leave a comment or send me an email if you don't have a blog. Off you go.