Saturday, June 1, 2013

World Environment Day Bonanza

Tulika celebrates World Environment Day, June 5th, by giving you the best offers on our books on the environment. And we have offers for all ages! 

Pick the book/s of your choice, shop on our website and use discount code GD0028 and get 25% off.

For 3 + 
Dinaben and the Lions of Gir and Baby Beboo Bear

For 4 +
Let's Catch The Rain!

For 5 +
Bulbuli's Bamboo

For 6 +
The Spider's Web

For 8 +

The Coral Tree

For 10 +
Free e-book! Water Stories From Around The World

For 14 +

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Take a peek into the books.

FOR 3+

The Maldharis and the Lions of Gir who coexist 
Dinaben and the Lions of Gir revolves around the Maldharis and the lions who have coexisted peacefully for many years. Informative text and evocative photographs capture the life in Gir.

The baby sloth bear captured and made to perform
Baby Beboo bear is about a baby sloth bear that is captured and made to dance on the street for entertainment. Simple text, photographs and cartoons tell the story.

FOR 4+

The message in Let's Catch The Rain! is simple: rainwater is free, pure and precious- save it. The perfect companion to Let's Plant Trees.

FOR 5+

Bulbuli lives in a bamboo house in a bamboo grove, and is busy in her bamboo world! Bulbuli's Bamboo is an evocative story is told in an rhythmic, cumulative style and spotlights bamboo to make a green statement! 

FOR 6+

Ali notices the difference between looking and seeing as he spots a spider's web through his camera. The Spider's Web has photos and illustrations to take the understanding.

FOR 8+

The Coral Tree has captivating photographs and simple text to reveal the life in the Indian Coral Tree and around it. 

For 12+

With telling pictures, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy sifts detailed research, examining the causes and tracing the fallout of the world's worst-ever industrial tragedy at the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, 1984.

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