Friday, February 1, 2013

Tulika Books Recommended by CBSE for schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has chosen over 50 Tulika titles as recommended reading for Classes I-XII to promote the habit of reading. Here they are, at a glance. 

Picture Books in English   
1. Siri's Smile                                                                       
2. Where's that cat?                                                              
3. Ten                                                                                   
4. Pranav's Picture
5. What shall I make?                                                             
6. Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing Ball                                       
7. Mala's Silver Anklets                                              
8. Brahma's Butterfly                                                            
9. A Silly Story of Bondapalli                                                
10. Same and different
11. I'm so sleepy
12. The Why-Why Girl
13. Mukand and Riaz
14. When Ali Became Bajrangbali
15. The Magic Feather
16. The Black Panther
17. The Mountain that loved a bird
18. Ismat's Eid
19. In Bon Bibi's Forest
20. The Mystery of Blue
21. Under the neem tree
22. The Enchanted Saarang


23. Monkeyji and the Word Eater- Aditi Series
24. Siril and the Spaceflower- Aditi Series
25. Beautiful and the Cyberspace- Aditi Series
26. Sorry Best Friend
27. Water Stories from around the world
28. Just a train ride away
29. Kabir the weaver poet
30. One World
31. Advaita
32. Andaman's Boy
33. Beyond the blue river
34. My Brother Too Too
35. Mayil will not be quiet!
Non Fiction 

36. Stitching Stories
37. Postcards from Ura
38. Picture Gandhi
Bilingual Picture Books (English-Hindi)

39. Dinaben and the lions of Gir
40. Where is Gola's Home?
41. Monday to Sunday
42. The Seed
43. Dosa
44. Malli
45. The Rooster and the sun
46. Avneet Aunty's Mobile Phone
47. Norbu's New Shoes
48. The Musical Donkey
49. The Lion and the Fox
50. The Talkative Tortoise
51. Lai Lai the baby elephant

Picture books in Hindi

52. Mala ki chaandi ki payal
53. Siri ki muskaan
54. Kahan gayi billi?
55. Kali aur dhamin saamp
56. Jab Ali bana Bajrangbali
57. Kaun karega raaj?
58. Mukand aur Riaz
59. Jaaduyi pankh
60. Sabri ke rang
61. Pahaad jise ek chidiya se pyaar hua
62. Aakaash neela kyun hai?
63. Chalo ped lagayein
64. Bon Bibi ke ban mein
65. Neem taley
66. Neel ka rahasya
67. Rastha chodo! Rastha choda!

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