Friday, February 1, 2013

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Tamasha with Kiran Shah

Kiran Shah
Popular Australian storyteller Kiran Shah made her first visit to Chennai on 20th January and performed to an enthralled audience of parents and children at Just Books, Adyar.

Kiran told five stories: Where is Gola's Home?, Little Frog, Mother Cat (a Kamishibai story inspired by true events), a fascinating Australian story about a wombat and finished with a magic bag that changed colours every time she turned it inside out! Her lively use of felt toys and hand puppets and use of song and rhyme engaged the children thoroughly.

 Spectacular Nandini Nayar

Nandini Nayar
On Republic Day, the children at Treasure House in Saptaparni, Hyderabad, took their favourite toys to listen to Tulika author Nandini Nayar tell the story of Guddu's Photo,

Nandini read aloud her other popular picture books, What shall I make? and Where is Amma?. Her other well-known books with Tulika tare Pranav's Picture, My Grandfather's Stick and What did you see?.

When we asked Nandini about her experience at the session, she chuckled and shared an anecdote with us: When Kiran (the little boy in Where is Amma?) thought his Amma was in the fridge, the kids were very fascinated about the idea about a mum sittng in the fridge and eating up all the jam but looked around to make sure their own mums were around!

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Library at Farol Govt School, Turtuk.
Many Books, Many Libraries

When Abhigya Shukla of Avalokitesvara Trust visited our office in Chennai, she gave us great news – that Tulika books among others have reached 32 school libraries in Ladakh! Our library sets are put together thoughtfully, keeping in mind specific needs relating to age, content, reading levels and language. If you wish a sponsor a library and want to know more, write to us at

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