Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's All Advaita

There are some things you should know about Advaita.

She devours books and has quite a way with words herself.

She prefers hockey to cricket.

She can shrink herself to the size of a finger and learn geckospeak from a lizard.

If you vant to know about the vide vonderful vorld of Velcro, you can count on her to tell you the story. (If you vant to know vhy ve are spelling  vide, vonderful and vorld with a 'v' or if you vant to become a writer, she's the girl to talk to.)

She folds her ideas into kites and lets them fly...way up high.

Itching to read the book? Here's a little peek.

If you want to meet the author Ken Spillman and get your copy of Advaita the Writer signed, here's your chance - SAVE THE DATE! 

Tulika Publishers and Spring and Zoom (a centre for literary arts) are pleased to invite you to a special session with Ken Spillman, author of Tulika's Advaita the Writer.

Date: Monday, 21st November 2011
Time: 6:15
Venue: Zoom Kids, 61-A R.K Shanmugham Salai, K.K Nagar, Chennai

For enquiries, mail us at


  1. My kids met Ken Spillman recently, and were raving about him.

    Waiting for Advaita!

  2. The sonny and I are eagerly waiting and are excited about meeting him this evening!

  3. @Choxbox: Read the book!
    @lifeunderthesky: Hope you enjoyed the session!
    Thanks for coming.


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