Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have you met...

...Gagan and Chikki?
Gagan is from a town in Punjab, in northern India.He and his friend, Chikki the cat, love to play and to listen to stories.One day, Avneet Aunty comes to their house. She talks and talks on her mobile phone, kyonkyon kyankyan, kyonkyon kyankyan...

by Kavita Singh Khale
Age 3+ 

Have you met Lobsang?
The 'roof of the world'. Tibet, north of India. So high up in the Himalaya mountains that your head sticks into the clouds! That’s where Lobsang comes from. Why did she have to leave her parents there and come away to a city far away in India?
Story by Sowmya Rajendran
Pictures by Proiti Roy
Age 6+

Have you met Norbu?
Norbu lives in Sikkim in northeastern India, a place of high mountains, rhodendron flowers, Buddhist monasteries...and many friendly monkeys, one of whom runs off with Norbu’s new yellow shoes!

Norbu's New Shoes
by Chewang Dorji Bhutia
Age 3+

Have you met Malli? 
Malli is from a little village in Tamilnadu in southern India, where there are lots of coconut trees and the people speak Tamil. Malli goes everywhere with her goat. She also has many other friends, who give her fresh sweet milk, mangoes, a freshly laid egg, a rose... 

Story by Jeeva Raghunath
Pictures by Nancy Raj
Age 3+

Have you met Mukand?  

Mukand lived in Karachi and his best friend was Riaz. They would go to school together, play cricket, eat biscuits from their favourite bakery... Than came Partition and Mukand had to go away, leaving Riaz behind. But he never forgot his friend.

Story and Pictures by Nina Sabnani
Age 5+

Have you met Shirvi? 

Shirvi is a Warli girl from Maharashtra in western India. The Warlis live in the forests and are known for their dramatic paintings — stick-like figures drawn in white on the reddish mud walls of their homes. Are the people in the paintings really the silvery moon creatures Shirvi meets one night?

Story by Shamim Padamsee
Pictures by Uma Krishnaswamy
Age 4+

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