Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missed the Kweezzz?

So you didn't participate in the Tulika Kweezzz, HAAN? What kept you away, may we know? Prayers for Rajnikanth? If it was something that noble, then all right. But otherwise, bad behaviour, all of you!

And since you missed it, we're going to give you a summary of what happened. We're generous like that.

Quite a few of the Twitterati tuned in on May 27th at 4 PM for the Jurassic quiz. There were 15 questions in all and the participants had to give their answers within 2 minutes. The first three correct responses were scored. Here are the Q&As!

1. What is dino poop called?
A. Coprolite

2. What’s the name of the paleontologist Joey dates in Friends?
A. Charlie                                                                    

3. Name a species of Indian dinosaur that starts with the letter R.
A. Rajasaurus narmadienis

4. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is from which continent?
A. North America

5. The smallest known dinosaurs are….?
A. Microraptors

6. On which fictional island is the amusement park in Jurassic Park located?
A. Isla Nublar

7. Charles R Knight, who is known for his dino paintings, had a special friend in the Brookfield zoo. The friend was a/an _________?
A. Panda

8. What’s common between sauropods and cows?
A. Both are herbivores

9. Fatehgarh, Nagpur, Asifabad, Chhindwara….what do all these places have in common?
A. Dino eggs were found here!

10. Where does the word ‘Jurassic’ come from?
A. Jura Mountains, an extension of the Swiss Alps into eastern France, where rocks of this age were first studied.

11. Helen Rundgren, author of Tulika’s Stone Eggs, is from which country?
A. Sweden

12. Who coined the word ‘dinosaur’?
A. Sir Richard Owen

13. Which Indian dinosaur expert wrote the book Dinosaurs of India?
A. Prof. Ashok Sahni

14. The Indosuchus raptorius belongs to which period?
A. Cretaceous Period

15. The Tulika logo could be a descendant of the dinosaur. What is it?
A. A crow!

The quiz was closely contested and @thecooldesiboy emerged the winner! His copy of Stone Eggs is already on its way! The runners-up were @aks11888 and @gayathri_iyer.

Now you feel bad, don't you? Now you wish you'd tuned in, don't you? But since we're people with large hearts, we've decided we're going to be doing more Kweezzzes in future *drum beats*. So you'd better watch this space, okay? Okay.


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