Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kweezzz with Tulika!!

Were you a quizzer in school? Is quizzing your life, passion, soul etc?

What, it's NOT??

Well, you'd better change that attitude, misters and missies! Tulika is hosting its first-ever Kweezzz on Twitter and the winner gets a FREE copy of Stone Eggs! Yup, that fabulous book on desi dinosaurs!

Join us on May 27th, Friday, 4 pm, from your homes, offices, taxicabs, and parachutes on Twitter to participate in the fundoo Jurassic Quiz!

Here's how:

1. If you are a fossil who doesn't have a Twitter id yet, GET ONE asap.
2. Log in, search, and follow kweezzz this very second.
3. Log in at 4 pm on May 27th, Friday, and watch out for the questions appearing from kweezzz in your Timeline
4. To answer, type @kweezzz (your answer) in the What's Happening box. If you don't type @kweezzz, we will not be able to see your answer.Only eggs you will get then.
5. Please answer a question within 2 minutes of it appearing on the Timeline.
6. The answer to a question will be revealed at the end of the said 2 minutes. A total of 15 questions will be asked.
7. The final winner will be decided by Tulika and s/he will get a free copy of Stone Eggs by Helen Rundgren
8. Had fun? Don't forget to follow tulikabooks on Twitter to hear all our tweets!

Even if you don't know any of the answers, you can always say pass and show us your love. We will appreciate it.

See you tomorrow, champs!

(Still not clear? Leave us a comment and we'll answer you. But ask quickly. The clock is ticking!)

P.S: Only the first three correct responses will be scored, so don't think you can Google and win off, clever ones!

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