Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Through many kinds of books . . .

Continuing with the story of Tulika's 15 year journey..listing the many kinds of Tulika books and the many countries they have travelled. Read the full story here. And find Sandhya Rao reading from Sunu-Sunu at the end of this post....

Tulika's Picture Books and Bilingual Picture Books for 2-8 yr olds come in several delightful series such as:
Wordbird books
Imagine Words
In Verse
Thumb Thumb books
Our Myths

Fiction and Non-fiction for 8+ that cover many genres under thought-provoking series heads:
Classics in Translation
Fact + Fiction
Read and Colour books
Where I Live
Think About
In Focus
Looking at Art
Green books

And last but certainly not the least the Tulika Teacher Resources.

travelling far and wide. . .

Sometimes, especially in the early years of our ambitious multilingual publishing, it seemed we had to follow Tagore’s dictum of walking alone. But as our readers swelled in numbers, many groups have joined hands with us to co-publish in different languages in India and overseas:

• Kerala State Institute for Children’s Literature, Thiruvananthapuram - Malayalam

• Eklavya, Bhopal - Hindi

• Navdanya, New Delhi - Hindi

• Jyotsna Prakashan, Mumbai - Marathi

• Bharathi Puthakalayam - Tamil

• Soma Books, UK – European, African and Asian languages

• Parrots Books, USA - Hindi

• Raji Publications, Singapore - Tamil

Kaka has also been busy visiting countries far and wide launching our books in new editions as foreign rights were picked up from UK, USA, Korea, Germany, France, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada.

Read the rest here. Or watch Sandhya Rao read from Sunu-Sunu...

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