Friday, March 4, 2011

In many avatars...

Continuing the story of Tulika's 15-year journey... A list of the many avatars that Tulika's books have taken and the many Tulika books that have delighted children in classrooms across the country...

Although the Tulika kaka’s only magic wand is the quill, different organisations with their special skills and expertise are transforming the books into much, much more
Ekki Dokki and Runaway Peppercorn ebooks – Fliplog
Who will Rule? Digital apps – Emantras
Books+ products – Mother Earth
• Audio Books – Radio Mirchi
• Tactile books – Chetna Trust
• Books in Braille – Third Eye Charitable Trust
• Book-based teaching-learning activities – Hippocampus Reading Foundation
• Storytelling performances connecting books and stories – Vayu Naidu Storytelling Company, UK
Children love kaka’s company in classrooms all over the country.
Senior school
My Vote Counts
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