Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reviewing Aajoba

Reader, we've chosen them. The ones who will get the review copies of Aajoba are.....Rhoda, Sandhya and Arundhati. Great work, ladies. Here's the slideshow to remind you what it's all about and a lovely review that Rachna spontaneously sent us after reading the book (and which we coaxed her to make public) That's all.

I am proudly sharing the fact that I cried a lot this morning after reading a children's book - Aajoba!  What an amazing project!  
Since I did not have the good fortune of meeting/ knowing either of my grandfathers (my parents married very late), I do not miss an opportunity for my children to meet not just my husband's and my parents but also our aunts and uncles.   
I have to thank the "creator" of ajoba for suggesting a unique way of ever lasting communication that can be followed by many families, like mine. It is never too late to think about what we will leave behind - since grandparents will always be special for their grand children.
I am so sure the author's grandfather is so proud of her, as she tries to guess in the book! 
For all at Tulika - thank you for giving talented Indians a platform to showcase their loves and passions and at the same time sharing their hopes and dreams  with so many readers!
- Rachna-Maneesh Dhir


  1. Thanks a lot, guys. I'm sure this book will be as wonderful as all your other books that I have and treasure. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to my copy.:)

  2. Will take a sneak peek at the book :)

    *Waving a Hello to Rachna*
    Nice reading your take Rachna, why don’t you review books more often?!

  3. cant wait to receive and review...
    Rachna - that was so heartfelt.

    and thanks Tulika

  4. what a wonderful wonderful book! and i love the graphics too

  5. got the book....yipee...
    and here is the review :

  6. @Rhoda That was a lovely review:) The review really matches the spirit and feel of the book - filled with warmth and reminiscence and the different experiences of one object across generations. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Rhoda and Rachana!

    I am really touched by your warm praise. Glad that you were able to relate to it. I had written this book just a few months after he passed away and it was a time when all the memories had come rushing to me. So all the words, illustrations, photographs had to be real.

    Your review will definitely motivate me to write my next story. Thank you Tulika for giving me this opportunity.



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