Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogathon 5: Make your own scrapbook

Keep them rhymes coming, people. Meanwhile, open up some mindspace for....Blogathon 5! Yay! We can hear you cheering over here! Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay. That will be enough, dear ones. We wouldn't want you to grow hoarse. Relax. Look at this slideshow

We make scrapbooks to remember, to get a passing grade in an assignment, for love, for fun or simply to express over-the-edge whackiness (Note: We're especial suckers for over-the-edge whackiness, even though this book was made for all of these reasons). Make your own virtual scrapbook - make one on paper and post pictures of the pages or just make a collage of pics and text or put it all on PowerPoint or make a collage-y kind of blog post. It doesn't have to be memory-related - pick your favourite person, artefact, online experience, trinket, relative, pet, tool, food, place. Whatever you want. And be inspired by Taruja's example. We love her creative pairing of unexpected visuals and text to recreate her memory of her grandfather. Make a scrapbook with all you want to say/remember/forget about this person/place/thing. You could unearth treasures more precious than gold, memories possibly of your most favourite people, the smoothest pebble ever, the best-est dosa you ever ate, you get the idea.

Leave the links to your creations here. One chosen blogger will get a review copy of Aajoba - My Grandfather by Taruja Parande. Only one, you ask? One each will be given to selected scrapbookers on Twitter and Facebook. So now you know how to triple your chances of getting  a review copy, don't you?

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  1. Memories of the school I liked the most (of the half-dozen I've been to!) My entry to blogathon 5-


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