Friday, August 6, 2021

Imagine You're A Bird...

 In case you didn't know, we have a BRAND NEW activity book!

Put together by the marvellously marvellous Sandhya Rao,
this book is a think tank when you're feeling blank,
a scrapbook to mix and match, save and store...
Bottomline? An absolutely cool tool for budding writers!

To celebrate its launch, we announced a writing prompt
Imagine You're A Bird
What Do You See When You Look Down? 
(apart from clouds, of course!)

The answers we got? TREMENDOUS! So we just HAD to share them with you.

That's not all! We felt inspired wrote our own (it's the last one).
Being our 25th anniversay, it's only natural we wrote about a crow!

If you feel inspired to write too, please leave your answer in the comments. 
We promise, we read everything :) 

Ready? Let's jump right in!

My 8 yr old sees a flower with nectar and bees along with grass and trees.


If I am a bird, I see my feet when I look down😂🙈

Down below, that fox 🦊 I spy,
Trying to reach those grapes 🍇 so high,
Swiftly, towards those vines 🍃 I fly,
“These grapes are sour, Mr Fox,” I lie 😆

Flying high in the sky
I see block buildings and inviting trees
Green grass and blue lakes
Children playing about in their school break
Cars and buses cruising around
Beautiful sights...
But can't make sense of the human sounds!

The shiny head of a bald man.

Tiny humans!

If I was a bird flying up high
Looking down at the world from my very blue sky!!
I would see the vibrant green of my Mother Earth
And hope the food for all is in no dearth!!
I would see the shiny brown of the mighty mountain tops
And dream of the day I can climb it and hop!!
I would see the peaceful white of the faith and hope
Tugging at the ends of my ever binding ropes !

Hiya... I am the bird now...I see a pond with lot of blooming trees around,
flying hither-tither are the cranes and parrots... I see a big wall nearby,
I must be flying over a indian temple..oh what a beauty!
The big gopuram is home to lot of pigeons, mynahs, crows
and sparrows! The temple is a ecosystem by itself!
Humans have known this would work! Kudos!

When the Sun is up and shining
I look down through the passing clouds
I see no kids on the swings
No balls being kicked around
Running tracks are empty and
No friends gathered around the tea shop
I fly over the market
Look for my favourite fish seller
No one is around
Nothing to sell, nothing to buy
I head to the grandma
Who feeds me lunch
I see her waiting at the door
For her grandkids who are far away

Flapping my wings in the sky
Many wonders, I see when I fly.
From the cloud, down to the ground
I see colours, all around.
Diving down, on a seeing spree
Watching flower patches and many a bee !
Rocket takeoffs – I get a free ticket to.
Exploring the world with a five star view
Electrical transformers and a windmill
Visuals on mountains and a hill !
People eating barbeques, making pottery
Some charging prices, others giving for free.
Pyramid of Giza, I visit everyday
On Mount Everest is where, I lay.
Going to watch a boy’s cartoon,
Bye bye friends, I’ll see you soon !

For all the flowers I see
For all the pollen I spread
For all the bees that are my friends
For the trees that are my bed
I see so much from up here
It is tough to understand
Why a human would want to destruct
All the nature in hand? 
For all the flowers I see
For all the pollen I spread
For all the bees that are my friends
For the trees that are my bed
As I spread my wings and fly
I pray to sky above and the ground below
For humans to be kind to mother Earth
And together we will love and grow.

Fly fly fly up high 
With cool winds blowing across my face 
Down down down I see 
Children running hither and thither
Fishes swimming in the river 
Flowers dancing in glee
Flocks of birds flying with me
Trees swaying this way and that
Oh what a beautiful sight
While the sun is ready to rise and shine
I fly, fly up high

हमारा घर काट कर,
तुमने खड़ी की कितनी इमारते;
दुख है की यह इमारत बन गया तुम्हारा पिंजरा,
पर हमे पता है तुम्हारी उड़ने की ख्वाहिशे।

Singing bird I am,
I may not what is glam,
To the gold and diamond,
I give a damn,
Small churping bird I am.
When I fly up in the air,
I can't see much,
Through smoky glare,
The soot, the choking air, the polluted atmosphere,
Ah! Let me see are humans not there?
Our attempt

As a crow I see lots of children
Skipping and hopping down the road
Excited and happy, they quickly run
Towards the colourful Tulika Bookstore!

Yes, there is a 'colourful Tulika Bookstore' in the office premises in Chennai!
Live far away and can't visit it? Here are some photos!

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