Friday, March 1, 2013

My Science Story: Winners and a round-up!

Thanks to all those who participated in the My Science Story blogfest. We enjoyed reading through your entries.

The winners are Vani Balaraman, Shruti Rao and Atula Gupta. They will each receive a copy of Why the Sky is Blue.Congratulations!

"We took pride that we never took tutions. Our tutor was at home. Armed with a B.S.C in Math, Physics, Amma took a keen interest in all  that was in our books. I remember Amma used to bring a bowl from the kitchen, hold it high and then loudly say: This is concave. She would pull another and show us what convex was," says Vani Balaraman about her favourite science teacher, her mother.
"The beautiful thing about getting children interested in science is that one doesn't even have to try," says Shruti Rao. "All you have to do is introduce a tiny seed of wonder in an already inquisitive mind, and the child will take it and run with it." Read about interesting conversations with her child in this post. 
"If 500 bacteria can cover just my palm, can you just imagine how many bacteria can cover an entire blue whale!” he said his eyes sparkling with the newly made discovery. Read the rest of Atula Gupta's animated discussion with her son in this post.
Ever talked to a bottle of Coke?? Read R's Mom's post on an incident from her childhood and the magic that is science. 
"I still remember being woken up in the middle of the night by my dad to see the Milky Way... It was like a bright river full of stars in the sky. No wonder it is called the Akashganga.For lovers of the night sky, here's a post by Lifesong on the pleasures of stargazing, sky watching and hoping to spot shooting stars.
Rattythegameworm talks about how she learnt to "make" a volcano erupt in this post and this blogger's child wants to know how the colours of a rainbow are formed. 
Finally, Arundathi Venkatesh talks about science fun with her son. "...the best of the lot has got to be our questions and conversations. This invariably starts with P in his headmistress voice declaring “let me look around in nature” and coming up with questions like why are leaves green, why are there different kinds of mud, and how were mountains formed? Since the point is for him to learn to think (good excuse for me not having answers, ha!), I reflect the questions right back at him." 

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