Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tulika at SAWNET

The South Asian Women's Network describes itself as a forum for and about women from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The rest of the world has had so much to say about SAWNET that they had to put up a whole page with links to SAWNET mentions.
What they also have on their site is a valuable collection of resources for women. Tulika is delighted to find it's books featured in its South Asian children's books section which has book lists sorted by age and genre.
Tulika has also been listed among resources and distributors for children's books.
And land was born, Ekki Dokki, Eecha Poocha, and Who will be Ningthou?  have been listed in the Traditional Tales Retold page.

There are several reviews of Tulika titles:

Srividya Natarajan wonders if her expectations of child protagonists are being shaped by norms of Western literature for children in this thoughtful review of That Summer in Kalagarh.

"For children of South-Asian origin the books may have added appeal because the writer, Suniti Namjoshi, depicts characters that they can identify with; characters with ethnic names are placed in circumstances and locales in mainstream Indian or British life," says Shabnam Arora Afsah about the Aditi series.

The Forbidden Temple will "go far towards increasing appreciation for history and good writing" says Susan Chacko here.

Sonia Desai reviews Kali and the Rat Snake. Indira N has reviewed Kolaba by Sandhya Rao here and Look the Moon by Sandhya Rao here.

You can find all titles that have been reviewed here.