Monday, February 11, 2019

Workshop on Creative Non-Fiction for Young Children

Presented by Parag and EdelGive in collaboration with Tulika Publishers

18 - 21 March 2019

About the Workshop

This four-day intensive workshop will be a think tank for writers and illustrators interested in producing creative non-fiction for young children. The workshop will expose participants to visual and verbal narratives and give them an opportunity to reflect on different aspects of creating non-fiction: from exploring a range of relationships between text and image to developing and sequencing narratives.

The workshop will also create a space for collective and individual discussion, encouraging participants to critically reflect on their own work in the process. In addition to getting an opportunity to review their ideas with a peer group, each participant will also have one-to-one critical reviews with the workshop coordinator, a senior editor and the publisher, who will offer their inputs and expertise.

About the Participants

Applicants to the workshop will be shortlisted on the basis of their entries.
A total of 10 candidates (5 writers and 5 illustrators) will be chosen to participate.

Call for Applicants

Your idea could be a book that explains concepts in science or maths in simple, tangible ways. It could be a biography of anyone from a mathematician or an astronomer to an artist or inventor. It could follow trails and happenings in the natural world, imagining it from non-human points of view. It could be a story on the environment that helps children draw links between their immediate surroundings and things that take place on a larger scale. Creating non-fiction for children is exploding with possibilities – you can take your pick! Your work should be aimed at 5- to 7-year-olds.

If you are a writer, please fill in the Application Form and email it to us along with any idea/ideas you have in mind. Also include other samples of your writing for children (fiction or non-fiction). This is just for us to get a sense of your work.

If you are an illustrator, please fill in the Application Form and email it to us along with a visual concept based on the brief above. Also include samples of visual sequences and images from your portfolio that reflect your approach.

About the Workshop Team
The workshop will be led by an experienced team of editors from Tulika who will also interact one-to-one with the participants.

·         Responses must be sent by 20 February 2019.
·         The shortlisted 8 writers and 8 illustrators will be asked to elaborate on one or two of the ideas and send them in by 1 March 2019.
·         The final list of 5 authors and 5 illustrators will be announced in the first week of March.
·         The chosen participants will attend the workshop from 18–21 March 2019 in Chennai. Their travel and accommodation expenses will be paid.
·         The writers and illustrators whose work is finally selected for publishing will be paid a one-time fee for the work.


  1. Is there any minimum age limit for participating in this workshop ?
    My 11 year old daughter - who has been writing for quite some time and has her own blog too, is interested.

  2. Hi. I clicked on your form link, but i am unable to write on it. Please give editing rights for submission. Thanks

    1. Ok. got it. its not a form, i need to put it on another doc.

  3. Hi. I am a children literature enthusiast,run a reading club for kids and also work for an NGO.
    I am interested in participating in the workshop for non- fiction.
    I have not written earlier but have my ideas.
    How detailed does my entry have to be?
    Can I just outline the topic and a synopsis?


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