Thursday, December 13, 2018


Of the several manuscripts that we receive daily, most are stories, some are verse, a few nonfiction and smattering of alphabet books. But there has never been a manuscript that focuses on nonfiction, is written in verse and references an alphabet book all at the same time! That is Scientists A to Z! What a truly unique concept. It is certainly what caught our eye when we decided to publish it.

A few months, discussions and drafts later, we have Scientists A to Z ready for you. Written by John Reilly and illustrated by Anna-Maria Jung, this is a cracker of a book that we are all excited about.

Why? Let us just show you why. Ready? Here we go!

H is for Hubble
Our universe is gaining size
Gaining size, gaining size
Our universe is gaining size
Just ask Hubble.

Did you see just what happened here? John Reilly has taken a rhyme that everyone is familiar with — ‘London Bridge is falling down’ — taken it apart and put it together but in a different way. And not just in any way but created a coherent rhyme about the astronomer Edwin Hubble which is also entertaining to read.

That’s not all. You can also find a mini biography — full of fun facts — of the scientist on the same page.

Another aspect of this multi-faceted book that we loved was the variety of scientists represented from all over the world across race and gender.

So with so many USPs, we think this book is for the 10+ age group. But really, we think this book is for everyone. Kids will love rhymes; young adults and adults will enjoy the facts. Everyone will adore the funky colour illustrations by Anna-Maria Jung which add that wow factor to the book. The black and white illustrations by the in-house designer Aparna Chivukula give the finishing touch.

What’s great about this book is that you don’t need to know or have heard of every scientist listed here or concept referred to. In that sense, it’s a journey of discovery that could also be your springboard into the world of science.

Whether you are mad about science or wary of it, in Scientists A to Z you will find a friend who’ll take you on a journey across a variety of topics like evolution, periodic table, computers and more while also introducing you to famous scientists from all over the world.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

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