Monday, May 15, 2017

Half baked cake!

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Sandhya with the children

To celebrate a day that celebrates books, we put together a creative writing workshop at Wandering Artist, Chennai. Some creative prodding from writer Sandhya Rao, some dreamtime thrown in with her Dream Writer, and a bunch of quick-thinking children churned out a half baked cake!

Read the story they put together:

When I woke up it was my mum’s birthday. I remembered that we had forgotten to buy a gift for her.

I threw my blanket aside and leapt out of bed. I quickly woke up my cousin sister who was spending the weekend with us.

“Wake up, wake up!” I said. “It’s my mum’s birthday and I forgot to get her a present!”

My cousin Aarushi said, “Come, let’s bake a cake.”

How do YOU think it ended? Write down the ending, put it up on your social media account and tag us. Special gifts await!

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