Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winners of Wild Versify!

 The winners of Wild Versify and their wild verses!

Once upon a time, a one-eyed ochre-colored owlet ogled at an orange ostrich
Ostrich had oomph, an obtrusive opera singer, who obnoxiously objected to owlet’s ogling
Ostrich ogled at an old oak-wood, an ostentatious odist who oddly was an odontist.
Oak-wood’s oddity overhauled ostrich’s oomph, owlet ogled at oak-wood with odium.
On an ominous occasion, old ox organized older oxen’s obsequies,
Owlet, oak-wood and ostrich overseeing omen of obit obediently came over
Ox was obliged, overcome by ostrich’s oomph.
Ox and owlet ogled at ostrich, ostrich ogled at oak-wood.
Oak-wood was over-stricken by this ordeal and ogling-oppression, ousted itself of its oak-residence.
Oak-wood met an overtly omniscient ogre on its obstreperous odyssey.
Ogre became obsessed with oak-wood, and orchestrated odes for oak-wood.
Oak-wood was out-witted by this ostrobogulous ogre, and ogled back.
Oh, but for our one-eyed owlet!
Owlet so long obscured in an ocean of overshadowing obfuscates
Over-ran onto an obsolescent Oracle, and ogled at her.
Oddly, Oracle ogled back.
Owlet’s obscurity was over-ridden with overhauling oddball.
And they all ogled one another happily ever after.

Once a shoe started singing a simpering song about socks!
Socks smelling sordid, squalid, stashed in stupor, set in seclusion.
Senile socks, sturdy socks, socks stripped of shades, socks stranded solemn.
Shoe’s song seethed the socks, squandered in self-pity.
Socks surreptitiously sauntered and swiftly spanked shoe, shoe was sorry and saddened.
Shoe stirred up a sumptuous, smashing, scrumptious supper for socks.
Salmon, saccharine, sorghum, sorbet, sushi, sausage scallops and seaweeds!
Socks were surprised and they shrived, suavely summoned shoe for special social-gathering
Shoe was in seventh-heaven and straight-away surrendered.
Shoe and socks swore steadfast subservience to selves,
And this is story of their sweetly sublime sorority.

– Srijita Datta, Gokhale Memorial Girls' School, Kolkata

A small, scintillating, spirited, Silver Star,
In the serene spacious sky,
Slipped slapdash into the sea.
Swaying, Surfing, Spinning, Swinging, surging, swelling,
Suffused a swarm of sparkling stories scattering across the stretch,
Among the shells and sharks,
Salmons and seaweeds,
Starfishes and seahorses,
Squids and sponges,
Ships and sailors,
Spawning a storying spree,
Sparking off a symphony of stories - Spectacular, striking, splendid, sumptuous, sprightly stories,
Spreading smiles across the shores,
And a stream of sunlight showering sunflowers all over the sand and the sea.

–Banu, aneducator from Cuddalore

– Pavithra Muthalagan, graphic designer, Chennai

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