Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thank you for animating us, Nina!

Animator, filmmaker and educator Nina Sabnani was invited by American Embassy School, Delhi to interact with faculty and students. 

During her stay, Nina met with the arts faculty to share her experiences. She was also a guest speaker at the Elementary School library's storytelling event, speaking to over six hundred students in the course of presenting her work. With the Middle School humanities classes, she shared her insights as an author.

Nina also ran two special workshops with the
Middle School art students which culminated in a school exhibition where the children put up art work-in-progress inspired by Nina’s cloth figures! 

The school shared its thank-you note to Nina with us, perfectly capturing Nina and her work:

"The work of Nina Sabnani stands in many ways for what AES aspires to represent: a natural compassion for others, the spirit of collaboration and inquiry into challenging issues in our world.

Her films are as far from the world of Bollywood as one can get: intricate documentaries on ancient traditions, stop motion animation of humorous stories, the repurposing of Madhubani paintings for an anti-dowry story…

Big issues tackled in original ways: this is what brings art teachers and children together. This week Nina brought the textures and traditions of her local landscape to AES, and helped our students make memory boxes, family carpets and friendship houses. She shared films and books that were tactile, tender and  turn-inside-out-able!

To animate means to give life to, to fill with spirit and courage, to inspire to action. Thank you for animating us, Nina!"

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