Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review time

Eecha Poocha

Indianmomsconnect said this about Eecha Poocha, one of our oldest titles and an all-time favourite. You can see why: “The lyrical flow of the words, the small explanations for the Malayalam words, the flow of the story, make the book a loved one in the household.”

When I Grow Up
We got a tweet on our Twitter page about a tweetheart who hates frilly frocks just like Lola in When I Grow Up. How many of you have tomboys like Lola at home?

My Mother's Sari

Pragmatic Mom’s list features My Mother’s Sari as one of top 10 Best South Asian books for kids:
“This is a gorgeously illustrated picture book that collages sari fabrics with appealing drawings of multicultural
children enveloped in the richly colored sari which can be anything from clothing to a hanky to a magical
world of pretend.”

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