Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bijoy travels the world!

In view of celebrationg Earth Day last week, Bijoy and the Big River took a tour around the world! After a lovely journey within India, where it got many reviews, Bijoy anchored in the US. Here they are at a glance:

 Marshmallow silkworms


A review
Editor at, Stephanie Meade, says "The story is both fun for children to follow along since it has elements kids will love...". Read the rest of the review here

A freebie and a write up
"The book serves as a great way to introduce new vocabulary words to a child and to get a child excited about the possibility of travel." says Hartlynkids, Eager to read the rest? Click here.


Art and Craft
Origami Paper Boats are fun to make, but with a little bit of inspiration from Bijoy you can make Origami Paper Boat Torans! Here is the link on how to make them.

An interview
Learning with activity spoke to author Meera Sriram and found out what makes Bijoy's and her boat float. Read the interview here

Another review

"...just the right combination of great information, rich photography and an engaging story." says Here is the rest of this review.

Marshmallow silkworms!

"...with captivating images to interesting tidbits about a new culture and land, Bijoy’s book is an exciting read." Read more here.

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