Friday, March 15, 2013

Riddle Us Red

It can speak, but doesn’t have a mouth.
It can travel, but doesn’t have legs.
It doesn’t have a nose.

But sometimes has ears.

And it definitely has a smell. 


A book!!
Piloo Paheliji from The 13th Riddle

Nadine D's Souza's Piloo Paheliji is scoffing at us. 

"Too easy-peasy a brain-teezee?" we ask.

"You're embarassing me, "he says, adjusting his spotted tie.

So we've got a real riddle for you. From our latest picture book The 13th Riddle (so it is Piloo approved). The first 3 people who send the right answer, get a copy of The 13th Riddle. Absolutely FREE.

Pammilal, Piloo’s faithful secretary, doesn’t think you can do it. 

Here it is:

Here’s a puzzle to rattle the brain,

A brand new mystery to solve again.

I always run but never walk,

I often murmur, never talk.

I have a bed but never sleep,

I have a mouth but never eat.”

What am I??

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