Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tamasha with Rakshasa and Bulbuli's Bamboo too!


Book cover

The Pleasant Rakshasa was launched at Pappadum, on Saturday, 22nd December. On a fine Saturday morning, Jeeva Aunty captured the audience by dressing up as Karimuga, the pleasant rakshasa, with pink on her cheeks, the horns on her head and was glowing with her 'purple skin'!

Jeeva Aunty with the kids at Pappadum

The book was launched at a ravishing rakshasa party which included an infectious rakshasa rhyme! (Jeeva put the rhyme in tune to Kalyana samayal saadham!)
The kids had a jolly time with their own yellow teeth (puffed rice with a bit of turmeric for colour) and created a special bond with Karimuga.

The kids got their rakshasa on with Jeeva Aunty!

Karimuga was on a roll when Jeeva Aunty performed The Pleasant Rakshasa for the second time at Ashvita, Mylapore, on Saturday, 12th January, 2013. The session was loved by kids, parents and grand parents!


Book cover

Author Mita Bordoloi launched Bulbuli's Bamboo at the Ants Store, Bangalore, on Sunday, 30th, December, 2012.
The kids had a fun time learning bamboo facts and running along with Bulbuli through the bamboo groves and sailing with her on a bamboo boat wile looking at bamboo orchids.
The little ones had a great time playing a game with the author as she quizzed them about bamboo facts based on the book!

Mita Bordoloi and illustrator Proiti Roy performed together at Hippocampus, Chennai, on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2013. The kids played a game based on the book and were excited about learning bamboo facts!

Mita Bordoloi with the kids

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