Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stone Eggs: in conversation with Helen Rundgren

Helen Rundgren
(This conversation is between Arundhati Venkatesh of Saffron Tree and Helen Rundgren, the author of  the popular Tulika book, Stone Eggs.)

 Heard of Indosuchus, Rajasaurus and Kotasaurus? Did you know       there were dinosaurs in India? Surprised? So were we when we first    read ‘Stone Eggs’, a fact-cum-fiction book about Indian dinosaurs.

The story is interspersed with nuggets of what I like to call “dinformation” – dino information! Not just facts, but info that is relatable and well-presented. A fun book what with the discovery of musk-melon-sized dino eggs, the mention of dino poop... a timeline of Indian dinos and a map to boot! My favourite bit? That would be the description of the world during the era of dinosaurs and a pictorial depiction of continental drift.

This was a book my son ensured was read to him every night for more than a month. It made him guffaw, and it made him read far beyond his level. He would draw dinos, their eggs and poop. During playtime, he would examine every stone hoping he'd stumbled upon a dino egg.

Delighted to interview the author of a book that engaged us in so many ways and for so long - Helen Rundgren.

Book cover of Stone Eggs
An award-winning Swedish children’s writer, television producer and former zoologist with a passion for reptiles and a fascination for dinosaurs, Helen Rundgren has authored “You Nasty Mosquito!”, “Want to cuddle!”, “Creeping, Crawling Pets” and “A Snails Heart” (all in Swedish) apart from several books on dinosaurs and documentary films.

Helen very kindly and sweetly answered all my questions, from a dark and cold Sweden.

Please read the interview on the Saffron Tree blog!

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