Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hop on the Oluguti Toluguti Express!

There was a chuk chuk train going ruk ruk which left Kids Central station at 4 last Saturday and went thadak dhadak to Dharampur-Karampur, Khandwa-Mandwa, Raipur-Jaipur, Vellore-Nellore and round and round and round till Sandhya Rao said,


They were ammas and abbus, there were thathas and paatis and they all had an equally chemma chekka time. With Indrani Krishnaiyer they followed the cheeky mekuri who went prowling from one house to another eating up all the rice and fish, and met the irresistible Haatima Tim Tim. With V.R Devika they grew long trunks and became the Aanay who came to town to simply eat some bananas. With Sudhir Ahuja they played out in the rain which fell cham cham and watched their umbrellas fly up in the air as they fell down. With Praba Ram they scampered after the anil that quickly climbed up the guava tree. 

And with Sandhya Rao they discovered the complete experience of Oluguti Toluguti: reading, reciting, listening, repeating, clapping, enacting and much more. Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Konkani, Asamiya, Kannada, Malayalam... with all those rhymes and voices ringing in the air; it was a Tulika evening you didn’t want to miss. Illustrator Kshitiz Sharma who came down for the event found himself entirely occupied after the event as he signed books that flew off the shelves. 

For those of who weren’t there, we have action replays coming your way, (because we’re that cool – you would be too if you were friends with Mir Salot who drinks soda water all day). And that is not all, there’s a special offer on Oluguti Toluguti: Rs.100 off if you order online through our website or purchase at our store. AND... there is a 25% discount for a limited period on the Oluguti Toluguti ebook with audio available at Storytruck. Preview it now on Youtube or read a review of the event. 

Kukre kuk and thanks, Kids Central for having us!

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