Thursday, September 8, 2011

Imagine Words

Today is International Literacy Day. And what better way to celebrate it, we thought, than with our series Imagine Words

This series of bilingual books encourages children to ‘imagine words’ and build vocabulary with the aid of pictures in a storytelling setting. By providing words in two languages simultaneously, the books create a platform for children to build their own narratives. 

This helps them use words creatively, and remember them. The unconventional pictures offer clues to words in a familiar language and to their translation in an unfamiliar one. Children can string together the words to tell a story, any story. A list at the end of the book helps to remember new words. 
Hot off the press is our latest, Work, charmingly illustrated by intern Shreya Sen, who has also done the rib-tickling pictures for the zany Padma Goes to Space. A little boy dreams away. . . and becomes a dancer, a potter, a fisherman, a shopkeeper, a cook. . . just about anything he wants to be. 

Like all our picture books, this hugely popular series, used by several schools and NGOs, has English paired with Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati and Bangla and have been specially designed to enable an empowering reading experience. 

Buy all 3 titles (worth Rs.405) in the language of your choice for Rs.300. 
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Happy reading!
Please note: 
Pond is currently out of stock in English-Gujarati and English-Kannada. Blackboard is out of stock in English-Kannada. Work is currently available in English-Hindi, English-Tamil, English-Marathi, Eng-Gujarati,and English-Bangla. It will shortly be available in Eng-Malayalam, Eng-Kannada and English-Telugu. To pre-order in these languages, write to us at


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