Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let the celebrations begin!

Attention, Tulika bookworms!

It’s Parents’ Day on July 24th and the swell parents (Norbu’s dad and Kiran's mum to name a few) told us this was cause for celebration. So, we’re calling all you mummies and pappas, aayees and bapas, mas and babas and nainas and ammas to make videos of you and/or your little ones reading a Tulika book! Upload videos on Youtube and share the link with us.

Those of you want to send photographs instead, please send  them to with the subject: Tulika Bookworm. Write-ups on your Tulika book experience are also welcome.These shall be put up on the Tulika blog along with your photo on Monday, July 25th.

Reading together and reading aloud are very special ways of discovering and enjoying stories. (Read Anita Balasubramaniam's lovely note which we put up in a post sometime back.) Where is Amma? and Where's that cat? and The Lonely King and Queen can be told and played through hide-and-seek games. Little Fingers, What Shall I Make and Priya's Day can transform a lazy Sunday into an busy and fun day of do-it-yourself. Dancing on Walls, Basava and the dots of fire, Sunu-Sunu Snail and I'm so sleepy make for cozy bedtime reading. What did you see? and Power Cut are for those who love role-play and making shapes. Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing Ball and Gadagadagudu brings parents and children back on their toes, while Thambi and Thangi make for much thumbprint fun. And as each parent and child knows, their reading experience belongs only to them.

So send us your films and photos soon soon SOON, because we have a super-duper offer for our participants from the 14th to the 25th of this month:

Buy any 3 Tulika titles and get 25% off!
Buy any
5 Tulika titles and get 30% off!

To see the list of titles, visit our website or view our catalogue.

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