Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Kweezzzes!

Yes, the monsoon is here and you have bhajjis and bondas in your head. We understand. We have them too.

Which is why, this is the perfect time for you to stop working so hard and come kweezzz with us on Twitter! We'll even give you a noble reason for doing this: you will be saving the planet!

It's time for the Tulika Kweezzz, people, and this time, we're going to have not one, not two, but TWO kweezzes! Yes, just as two bhajjis are better than one, two kweezzzes are better than one. We know you agree.

The first week of July is celebrated as Vanamahotsava Week. Moreover, July 3rd is International Plastic Free Day. We, at Tulika, thought it was a great time to host our green kweezzes- one on July 1st and the other on July 8th- to mark the importance of this week. We were happy to discover how many of our books across our series raise questions in subtle and simple ways about our relationship with the environment and the need to preserve our natural heritage. Through different perspectives, they share a common respect for communities who embrace sustainable ways of living. (Greenhorns who haven't seen them yet, look here right now.)

Green Kweezzz on Trees 
Date: 1st July, Friday, 2011   Time: 4.00- 5.00 PM IST

1. If you don't have a Twitter id yet, GET ONE asap.
2. Log in, search, and follow kweezzz this very second.
3. Log in at 4 PM on 1st July, Friday, and watch out for the questions appearing from kweezzz in your Timeline
4. To answer, type @kweezzz (your answer) in the What's Happening box. If you don't type @kweezzz, we will not be able to see your answer.
5. Please answer a question within 2 minutes of it appearing on the Timeline.
6. The answer to a question will be revealed at the end of the said 2 minutes. A total of 10 questions will be asked.
7. The final winner will be decided by Tulika and s/he will get a free copy of Let's Plant Trees by Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer
8. Don't forget to follow tulikabooks on Twitter to hear all our tweets!

Green Kweezzz on Wildlife
Date: 8th July, Friday, 2011   Time: 4.00- 5.00 PM IST

1. Follow the same steps as above.
2. Make sure you log in on the right day and at the right time though :)
3. The final winner will be decided by Tulika and s/he will get a free copy of any one of the books listed here (except Water Stories).

Only the first three correct responses for both the kweezzzes will be scored.

Got it, beloved bonda-eating brethren? Nope? Leave us a comment and we'll explain more!

P.S: If you really didn't understand ANY of this and you really don't want to participate in all this but just really want the books, you may be pleased to know that we're extending the deadline for our June offer to the 8th of July. Really. Mail us at and be at peace.

P.P.S: We really wish you'd kweezzz though. Bye bye.

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