Saturday, May 7, 2011

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve got some terrific ammas in our books.

In the North Pole, there’s Malu Bhalu. Malu, the polar bear, is just a bit bigger than a ball of snow but she can’t wait to explore the world. Never mind that she doesn’t know how to swim, Malu thinks. But when she finds herself stuck on an iceberg floating far away from home, her mother, Bhalu, shows her that the only way to do something you can’t do is to forget right and wrong and simply do it.

Working their magic behind the scenes (or should we say pages?) are all the ladies whose drapes fill the pages of My Mother’s Sari. It’s really just one long piece of cloth and yet the sari becomes anything a child wants it to be, from the dreamy and the imaginative; long trains and beautiful rivers to the utterly practical; cozy hammocks and handy nose wipes!

In the much loved What Shall I Make? Neeraj’s mother finds something just as versatile as the sari for her little son to play with − a little ball of chapatti dough! (Of course, Neeraj loves it most of all when his mother rolls it, puts it on the stove and makes a light, puffy chapatti for him!)

Then there’s the moon-faced Paati from Grandma’s Eyes, whose twinkly eyes and big smile are as reassuring as only they can be. Not to forget the grandmother from The Neverending Story who really knows how to spin a whacky yarn. And speaking of whacky, we almost forgot the mad momma on the block! − Meera’s mother from What Did You See? (Now she can do an equally good imitation of a ferocious lion and a loony monkey – can you?)

Finally, there’s Kiran’s mother (by the way, Where is Amma?) who Kiran believes is likely to empty the contents of an entire bottle of jam sitting inside the fridge! Given that he found her slippers right outside, this makes complete sense.

Dig our mothers? Can’t get enough of them?

Yes, they’re now on Flipkart.

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