Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Tulika record Indian rhymes

Remember the rhymes blogathon? The collection of rhymes, we had been planning then, has finally been put together. And the fun is not over yet:)

Aluguti Toluguti is the title of a new book from Tulika, a first even for us. It is a collection of Indian rhymes to read and recite. What makes it unique is that each poem is presented in the original language, in a transliterated version, and in an English translation that is fun and easy to learn and say.

Simultaneously, Tulika will also make each poem available as audio on its website for those who would like to hear the poem and learn the correct pronounciation. This is where we need help from you, our readers, bloggers and others.

Would you be interested in recording and sending us the audio file of the poems in the language of your choice? We will then upload them onto a special Aluguti Toluguti site so all those who are interested can listen to them. If yes, please write to tulikabooks [at] vsnl [dot] com. We can send the poem to you, and guide you through the process.

The languages in which we wish to record at this time are: Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Khasi, Konkani, Lotha, Malayalam, Marathi, Mewari, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.
All those who are native speakers of these languages and can help, do get back to us.

We would need the recordings by May 9 so that they are up in time for the book's release in May. Do remember that you have to be absolutely sure of your pronounciation. Your recording will act as guide to our little readers from start to finish. 
Here is a sample from celebrity storyteller Jeeva Raghunath - she recites from four popular Tamil rhymes.


  1. Hi , How to reach you ??

    any contact email OR contact no. ??

  2. Oh I missed the rhymes blogathon and would love to take part in this for kannada.Please do let me know which poem and how tos?

    Some kannada rhymes on my blog

    Roopa (Putti Amma)

  3. Hi, any contact number/email to get in touch?

  4. I am interested in this and can record a rhyme in Marathi.

  5. Great to receive so many responses to our request for help with recording poems in different languages. The email id to write to is Please indicate your own email id clearly so that we can follow up with sending you the poems. Remember, the recording has to be really really sharp and clear, without disturbing background noises, and words nicely enunciated. We will select the clearest, sharpest and easiest to follow recordings. Enjoy!

  6. Oh wow! I'll do the ones on my post -

  7. i would like to help with the Assamese poems. How do i contact you?

  8. @all: Thanks for all the responses! We've got some recordings in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, but there's still all of these languages! - Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Khasi, Konkani, Lotha, Malayalam, Marathi, Mewari, Oriya, Punjabi, Telugu...

    @AA's Mum and Sankhalina - Will you send us your email so we can send the poems over to you?Thanks!


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