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Continuing the story of Tulika's 15-year journey. Read the full story here...

Making this journey possible have been our authors, illustrators, translators, interns and printers. In the last 15 years, we have worked with 92 authors, 48 illustrators, 4 photographers, 92 translators, 27 interns and 15 printers. The fabulous galaxy include writers, poets, thinkers, activists, teachers, artists, each opening up and extending our understanding of children’s books.

The list is long and impressive: acclaimed writers Kalpana Swaminathan, Gita Hariharan, Manjula Padmanabhan, Paul Zacharia, strong feminist writers Suniti Namjoshi, Ambai and Kamla Bhasin, internationally acclaimed performance storytellers Cathy Spagnoli, Vayu Naidu and Jeeva Raghunath, peace activist Graeme MacQueen, award-winning wildlife filmmaker and conservationist Shekar Dattatri, teacher and animation filmmaker Nina Sabnani, renowned artists Paritosh Sen and A V Ilango, popular radio jockey Suchitra Ramadurai, culture critic and historian Lata Mani, archaeologist Shanti Pappu, gifted children’s book illustrators Ashok Rajagopalan, Ranjan De (who created the Tulika logo), Srividya Natarajan, Manjula Padamanabhan (again!), the best of children’s writers like Zai Whitaker, Ranjit Lal and, of course, Tulika’s own editor Sandhya Rao. While the illustrious ones bring the richness of experience, fresh new talent keeps us on our toes!

You can continue reading the story of Tulika. Or watch Sandhya Rao read out Grandma's Eyes in two languages!



    We are lucky to know you!

  2. I too want to bow to the team at Tulika for their original and amazing contribution in the field of books for kids in particular. Their books are so interesting, creative and enjoyable that it inspires our kids to want to read. That itself is a big feat. My son from the age of three loves Tulika books and will not sleep without reading one of their books.

    Tulika Team, you are serving the nation's future leaders and professionals in a big way, taking their mind space in a significant way and nurturing them from saplings into blossoms. What your books teach will stay in their minds forever. Thank you, Tulika. You have every mom's love and support!

  3. @ChoxBox And we are lucky to know you, Chox:) Thank you.
    @Swapa Thank you! Great to hear that Tulika books provide your son's bedtime stories:)


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