Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog a birthday wish!

Do you send messages to friends on your birthday saying 'It's my birthday! Wish me!' No? Oh, you should try it. It's good fun. We'll show you how it's done:

Yay! It's our birthday! Tulika is 15 today!

Here's announcing the Birthday Blogathon: Blog your birthday wishes for Tulika. Write about what it means to have had Tulika around for 15 glorious years. What Tulika's books mean to you and/or your children. (Brownie points for getting quotes in from children.) Of course, you have license to get as creative as you wish - video, audio, slideshows, photographs, what-have-you - all are welcome

And when you're done, leave a comment below with a link to your blog post and send us your address to get a special festive Tulika poster - a celebratory poster featuring many of the children who feature in our stories.

Through this month, the blog will feature colourful e-cards from our extraordinarily talented illustrators. Through this month, we will feature your responses to Tulika. We will have videos of authors reading our books on our YouTube channel. And we will celebrate 15 years of making, reading and sharing books for children everywhere.


  1. Happy Birthday, Tulika! We love having you around.

  2. Hmm... How about sharing the birthday cake as a 15% discount too? :D

  3. Blogged!!

    Now send poster fast!!

  4. Happy Birthday and good to know Tulika.

  5. @Sandhya Thank you:) We love having you around too:)
    @Swati Oops. Too late. The last of the cake has vanished down several greedy throats. *Sigh* *burp*
    @GB What love and loveliness:) Also, we obey, your awesomeness. Poster speeding your way:)
    @Gouri Thank you:)

  6. Happy Birthday Tulika. I had been to mumbai recently and wanted to gift my husband's niece her first book on her first birthday.What else but Tulika! I went to Crosswords in Mulund Mall for buying the book and sadly they have not heard about tulika publishers there. I gave an earful to the counter clerk about how kids in this neighbourhood are missing something substantial in their lives by not being able to buy a tulika book.

    I am meeting Sandhya Rao tom at my son's annual day fest and I am proud of the fact that I know this person thro her books. Great work tulika, pls continue your noble work.

  7. Tulika book has been an inspiration for a long time now,how we connect with Tulika, here is an example;
    Keep going Tulika.

  8. Way to go...Tulika! Happy Birthday!

  9. Belated birthday greetings to Tulika.
    I sure am happy that you were 'born'. You have delighted the hearts of so many young kids, educated them, gave them wings to soar, made them laugh a little and maybe even cry a little!
    What a great achievement in the 15 years of your life.
    Wish you and your readers many, many more happy years of Tulika books.

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