Monday, January 24, 2011

For the girl child

So, our friend Rachna Maneesh Dhir wrote in, reminding us that today is National Girl Child Day and pointing out that at Tulika 'Every day is the day of the girl child'. True, we remarked. We have a lot of girls of varying ages working on creating beautiful books. We have a lot of girls playing, finding out and creating new things in our books. And we thought it might be fun to list some of them here.

Hina in the Old City introduces us to her world and to the craft of the zardosi embroiderers. The girls in School is Cool, Where's that Cat?, The Seed, The Veena Player, The Snow King's Daughter take us along on voyages of discovery - through their eyes we discover Tibet, how art restoration works, the different experiences of attending school between generations. Malli, The Village Fair, Priya's Day introduce us to rural and small town Tamil Nadu, with a slew of activities and festivities associated with the locale. Our heroines learn and teach at the same time, opening up a world to us through their exploration of it.

Sabri of Sabri's Colours and The Why-Why Girl wonder why some things are the way they are. They follow their passions, they ask unspoken questions about why some resources are denied to some people.
My Name is Amrita describes the life of a fine woman artist. Aditi leads us on many adventures, asking questions about what an adventure story and heroism and all that jazz means really, without being preachy about any of it. And Pippi does exactly what she feels like. While the girl in Malu Bhalu, ok, the girl polar bear pushes the boundaries of what a girl can do.

Have we left out any? Which girls from Tulika's books do you like?


  1. Love the feminity celebrated in 'My Mother's Sari,' by far my favourite Tulika book. The Why-Why girl is a hit, of course, which catches the spirit of today's curious and questioning girl perfectly. Every girl from the Tulika books is special in her own way.

  2. The why-why girl is my favourite. Because we have two of them in these parts :)

  3. I am specially glad that famous characters like Pippi Longstockings are getting translated by Tulika. It is a wonderful effort. I was in Germany few years ago, where I came to know this special character and I was so glad for that, I liked her and I and my daughter (age 4 at that time) read, listened and acted out Pippi whenever possible after that. Tulika is becoming my favorite when it comes to buy gift for kids! Thank you Tulika!

  4. You have left out Grandma from Grandma's Eyes! :0 Old girls are cool too! :)


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