Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why are you afraid to hold my hand?

John Hockney, storyteller and workshop facilitator, used Why are you afraid to hold my hand? by Sheila Dhir for a workshop presentation in Australia on the subject of disability. He got in touch with Tulika through Kiran Shah and wrote back about the experience of presenting the book...
As soon as I first saw this book, it immediately drew me to its firm message in the simplest terms. I had two forthcoming workshop presentations at the TAFE –Illawarra campus for students of ‘Leisure and Health,’ (who will assist in aged care and disabilities)  and ‘Home and Community Care,’ Certificate III, (caring for aged, disability and mental health).

The workshops focused on accessing stories as a healing component, but also suggesting ways of approaching clients and what to expect.

Kiran Shah contacted the publisher for permission to present the book on Powerpoint. I acknowledged the permission granted with the title, ISBN, author, publisher and accessibility in my reference notes.

Following the presentation I asked the students what they had learned. Their reaction was very positive for Why am I afraid to hold my hand?, with the discussion openly admitting disability as a subject was often difficult and with the best of intentions people made mistakes about the best way to help. Some admitted being embarrassed or over-zealous. All agreed the simplicity and strong message of the book helped create a greater understanding in dealing with people and their disability.

Wilna Mans, who organised the workshops and also works with Anglicare in a training role, said it was the best information she had seen.

Thank you, John and Kiran! We're always glad to hear about Tulika's books having helped spark off important discussions.

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