Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A trail of clues...

What could Tulika's next title be? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the Nobel prizes are being announced this week? Here are some clues to help you guess...New clues will be added everyday. All shall be revealed in a week. Happy guessing! :) Cryptic clues
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  1. CV Raman, of course. The man I grew up idolising, because of the stories I heard about him sitting on my grandfather's lap.

  2. *clap clap* Now we'll just wait for you to guess the title too:) Keep checking back for new clues...

  3. How about:
    The Raman Effect!

    Not original for sure, but just a trial!!

  4. aah this is exciting...
    i am sure it is not Ramar Blue...just wanted to share the thought though :))

  5. The book name is "Why the Sky is Blue" and its about C V Raman

  6. @Rhoda :) Keep guessing...
    @Smitha Only a teeny-weeny detail in that line is off-centre. So stay tuned:)


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