Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Live Book Tour

The Live Book Tour is a multi-cultural literacy programme launched in a collaboration between Tulika and the Vayu Naidu Company. To quote the Vayu Naidu Company website:

"THE LIVE BOOK TOUR was launched at the London Book Fair 2009 as Vayu Naidu Company’s response to diverse schools seeking multicultural books. THE LIVE BOOK is designed to create positive learning responses to reading and literacy by means of direct, interactive and intercultural storytelling.
Currently we have partnerships with schools in the Olympic quarter, and are seeking to make the tour a marathon across Book Festivals in London Boroughs, during Black History Month, National Storytelling Week and more.
THE LIVE BOOK TOUR has three principal strands:
Schools and Libraries: Storytellers from the Vayu Naidu Company Guild of Apprentices will tell and workshop stories from Tulika Publishers’ picture books to pupils within the classroom, community centre or library space, and encourage:
·        Imagining and Telling
·        Reading and creating story endings and new stories
·        Remembering and articulating what the story is about
·        Sharing in the form of a performance – possibly with music and/or visual art."
You can find out more about the activities and training that Vayu Naidu Company can provide as part of the Live Book Tour on their site.

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