Monday, February 15, 2010

Tulika at Saffron Tree

Tulika Books have been getting wonderful press over at the Saffron Tree blog - which describes itself as the "recommendations and pointers to resources from the world of children's literature."

Tulika's Jalebi Curls and Sameer's House have been listed by ArtNavy among her favourite books in Saffron Tree's list of fave books of 2009.
She has also written about Rangoli here. Find Rangoli on Tulika's site here.
Hey thanks, Art!
Update ends. Update 1 is in the postscript:)

This is a review of the Thumb Thumb series." I was totally floored the minute I spotted these books, they are the cutest books I have ever laid my eyes upon!" says reviewer ChoxBox.

ChoxBox has also reviewed Andaman's Boy, describing the story  as "one that you will not want to put down till the end."

Thanks! Also, ChoxBox, you may feel free to claim a box of chocolates if you're dropping by the Tulika office sometime:)

Here's one of 'I am Different!! Can you find me?'. "Try this book if you have a reluctant reader at home and do let me know how it goes," suggests Poppin's Mom.

A review of The Runaway Peppercorn with reviewer Sheela noting that the book is "Published by none other than our favorite Tulika Publishers." Thanks, Sheela!

Aand an interview with author Sowmya Rajendran.

Thanks, all ye wonderful bloggers at Saffron Tree! We are humbled, grateful and proud:)

Update: Our readers pointed out that there are many more reviews of Tulika's books on the Saffron Tree blog. Including those of:
Ekki Dokki
Rooster and the Sun
Basava and the Dots of Fire
Colour-Colour Kamini
Why Why Girl

Read and enjoy:)